What is life? A collection of spiritual perspectives

What is life itself?

If you’ve clicked on this article, then you too like me are curious about what life is, who you are and what the hell is going on in this universe. Over the last few years, on my quest to find out the answer to this, I’ve come across many great answers to this question. Below I’ve compiled various articulations that have resonated with me.

In his TED Talk, David Chalmers, Australian Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist, talks about how right now we’re inside a movie. It’s multitrack, with 3D vision, surround sound, the works! But that’s not all – it has every emotion, every sense, it has memories and feelings and dreams. On top of all this there is a constant narration or voice over – at its heart is you.

But it’s not just the human you, it’s the soul you having this experience. Think of your soul as a spark of consciousness, released from the Tao (ALL THAT IS, God, whatever you prefer) into the physical world. According to Michael Teachings, a collection of channeled information from an entity of souls, the process is similar to cellular biology, a form of spiritual mitosis, that the universal consciousness divides into new cells, for each to experience and grow. And in this sense, we are all divine.

But why?

Great question. And there are many different schools of thought that explain this concept wonderfully in their own language. But let me try to break it down. The physical realm is a realm of relativity, or duality, everything here is relative to the other. There are ups where there are downs, there are positives where there are negatives, and good where there’s evil. In this realm, through ‘living’, we experience who we really are. On the spiritual realm, on the other hand, there is only oneness, love and the present moment. So in every moment, your soul knows who it is, but the soul can only experience who it is on the physical plane.

Here’s another interesting perspective from The Seth Material, another profound collection of channeled information from higher souls, on the purpose of ‘life’. According to them, the physical world is like an elementary school and we are all here to learn and enjoy being. Through our day to day experiences, we are learning to express our energy and become co-creators of our world.

At the end of the day, everything in our universe is interconnected because it comes from the same divine consciousness. From the field of flowers to the night sky to a beautiful painting, it’s just you in another form. We are all glorious, connected and divine. By living life, you are contributing to the fascinating universe and you are expressing your divine nature.

So let’s be divine together by contributing our gifts to this magical world. To learn more about spirituality, check out our other articles and stories.

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What is life? A collection of spiritual perspectives