11 offbeat ways to beat the lockdown blues

It has officially been 50 days since this lockdown began, but hey, who’s counting? I actually quite enjoyed it when it started. Gave me a break from the hectic days full of travel and hustle. No one to disturb us at home, we could build a routine as we please. Eat cereal at 9pm in pyjamas, because why not. And so we did.

But the story is a bit different 50 days later. It’s getting a bit harder to motivate myself to do even simple things every day. Sometimes I think what’s the point? It’s getting harder to stay consistent and maintain discipline. So, I’ve decided to switch things up. It actually doesn’t take much to make life exciting. You can do that wherever and whenever you are. And we are blessed with the internet! What can’t you find there. 

So here are some of my offbeat tips to beat the lockdown blues – 

Take 50 selfies in a row 

Try different angles, different hairstyles, pretend to be a movie star, whatever floats your boat. There’s no rule here and no one’s around, so click away.

Watch shows or movies you won’t admit to

I hope you don’t share your Netflix account for this one. I have so many guilty pleasures that I would never admit to watching (hello, Fifty Shades) but have indeed spent nights alone watching with some good ol’ ice cream.

Try weird food combinations

Chocolate on a pizza? Peanut butter with chips? Go for it. This is the time to own your weirdness.

Dip it low

I suppose everyone dances when they are alone, or is it just me? But take this time to do all those dance moves that you only do when you’ve had one too many. Dip it low, shake it.. Because it’s just you.

YouTube Retro Music rabbit hole

Play one of your favorite, potentially guilty favorite, songs from the 2000s (hello, Avril Lavigne) and let YouTube take you on a magical ride through its suggested tracks. It’s so worth it!

Look into other people’s windows

Don’t be a total stalker. But I love looking into other people’s windows or balconies and imagining what their life must be like. Let your imagination run wild for best results.

Cry loudly at sad music 

Can I just say that this is my personal favorite. I’m not sure why but I love sad music (Somebody Else by The 1975 is my personal favorite). Even though I’m happily married, I love listening to sad music about cheating partners, relationships gone wrong and crying for no reason once in a while. Try it for yourself.

Download The Sims and live your dream life

Who cares if we can’t get out. Create a Sim in your likeness and let them live it up! Party, travel, get married, have children while you decide their fate. How fun!

Try all the weird makeup and fashion trends

Instagram makeup, stuffing socks in your bra, try all the trends you’ve wanted to and wouldn’t dare step out in public with those. 

Pretend you’re on a talk show

Grab a glass of wine and pretend you’re talking about your life on your favorite talk show. From all the Jimmys to Graham Norton to even Oprah, it’s your imagination. Go wild! 

Try out accents

Try out all the accents you fancy, however bad you might sound. You might even end up perfecting one or two.

Embrace your weirdness! 

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11 offbeat ways to beat the lockdown blues